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Severe Weather Warning for Rain for Kilkenny

Weather Alert, Aug. 18th 2023
No SMS was issued for this alert.

Severe Weather Warning for Rain for Kilkenny

Alert message from Met Eireann:
Heavy rain with thundery downpours on Friday and Friday night and combined with very strong winds on coasts at times. Potential Impacts:• Localised flooding.• Difficult travelling conditions.• Wave overtopping on coasts.
  • Event: Orange Rain
  • Severity: Orange
  • Valid from: Fri. 18/08 @ 8PM
  • Valid to: Sat. 19/08 @ 1AM
  • Affected Areas: Carlow, Kilkenny, Wexford, Wicklow, Cork, Kerry, Tipperary, Waterford

No SMS was issued for this alert.

A Level Orange Orange Rain alert for Kilkenny has already been issued by SMS within the past 24 hours, so no SMS was issued this time around. It is likely that Met Eireann changed the start/end time of the weather warning from the original version and these updated start/end times are included above. The Council will only send an SMS if they haven't already done so for a unique weather event within the previous 24 hours. Otherwise, follow up alerts with changed start/end times will be sent by email/app only.

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